About Les Bistronomes


Where does our name come from?

Les Bistronomes (pron. Leh-bistro-nom) is an amalgamation of the words: Bistro and Gastronomie (the relationship between food and culture). It also derives from the movement, “La Bistronomie” which started in France in the 1990’s during a time when most of the Michelin star restaurants found it hard to survive due to the financial crisis in Europe. As a result, little bistros emerged upholding the same quality of food and service, but the atmosphere became more casual and relaxed. Simultaneously, the chefs’ passion for gastronomy remained strong. Such a transformation boosted the industry and helped the French to survive the financial crisis!



The origins of Les Bistronomes Restaurant

Les Bistronomes Restaurant was founded in 2014 by two French men, Clément Chauvin and Abel Barriller, with a desire to extend Bistronomie to Canberra. Originally located in Braddon for four years, the restaurant has since moved to the community suburb of Campbell in October 2019 where Clément Chauvin has become the Sole Owner and Executive Chef.  

Our ethos has always been to create good food, good service in a homely, relaxed atmosphere. We strive to deliver this every day.

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